House Watching Services In Mt Dora & Eustis, FL

Professional House Watching Servies

Top Quality

Consistent high-quality cleaning services that you can count on every time we clean. We do not share mops, carpet vacuums or toilet bowl brushes between clients, so no cross-contamination.


Unbeatable customer service from our cleaning and office staff. We hire happy people that love to clean and care about your happiness!


We hire & train the most professional and positive employees to provide top quality with professional grade products that are safe for your family and pets!


If we miss something, we will come back and make it right. Always guaranteed! Just call us or send pictures within 24 hours of your cleaning!

Home watching services includes

Plants & Fish

Each visit while you are away, we can care for indoor and/or outdoor plants. If you have fish, we'll even do the feeding!

Mail Service

We collect clients' mail daily from your Homer post office box, and weekly from your Anchor Point post office box. We can store this mail for you until you return, it or forward it to you whenever and wherever you prefer.

Home Checks & Inspections

When you're away from your home, it's smart to have someone go into the home on a regular basis to flush toilets, check for leaks, make sure the AC or heat is working, etc.  

Light Maintenance Cleaning

When you're going to be away from your home for an extended period of time we will make sure everything stays clean. We'll run the vacuum and dust the furniture so there's no accumulation. 

get Peace Of Mind When Someone Is Watching the House

You Need a House Watcher When . . .

  • You are away on vacation
  • You have been called away suddenly for a medical emergency
  • You have moved out of the area before your house sold
  • You are waiting to move into that new home you have purchased
  • Your plants need watering
  • Your automatic alarm system is triggered
  • You are not sure how well your water pipes are insulated
  • You need to care for your pets and would like to leave them at home in familiar surroundings and know they are being cared for on a regular schedule


House Watching Services Mt Dora FL