House Cleaning Services in Mt Dora & Eustis, FL

Our Professional House Cleaning Services

Top Quality

Consistent high-quality cleaning services that you can count on every time we clean. We do not share mops, carpet vacuums or toilet bowl brushes between clients, so no cross-contamination.


Unbeatable customer service from our cleaning and office staff. We hire happy people that love to clean and care about your happiness!


We hire & train the most professional and positive employees to provide top quality with professional grade products that are safe for your family and pets!


If we miss something, we will come back and make it right. Always guaranteed! Just call us or send pictures within 24 hours of your cleaning!

Recurring Services

Bright Side provides recurring services for all of our customers. This is a scheduled cleaning at your preferred time and day. We can come to clean on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis depending on your needs and budget.

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Deep Cleaning Services

Our Deep Clean is our most thorough and detailed cleaning for your home. We do a top-to-bottom, every nook and cranny cleaning. This is the best way to start off recurring services with us and also a great choice for a one-time cleaning to get your home in top-notch shape.

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Move Cleaning Services

If you are moving into your new home, apartment, or office and want to get it spick and span and sanitized, we are here to help! If you are moving out and need to get the old place cleaned up, give us a shout! We'd love to help!

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